About Us


We are new to the online world of marketing our products, but not new to the maple industry and producing maple syrup. We have over 25 years experience in processing maple sap into 100% all natural delicious maple syrup.

Neil started getting involved in this tradition when he was in grade school. Everyday during sugaring season when the sap would run, he would help his uncle collect the 500 buckets he would hang each season.

A couple years went by and Neil decided to try the process on his own. The first year he boiled on his moms kitchen stove and made about 3 cups of syrup on 5 taps. The following year, him and his dad made a cement block base and boiled the sap outside on a 2′x6′ flat pan. As the time has gone by, we have grown a little each year.

Since those early days, we have made syrup on 5 different evaporators and added on to the sugar house numerous times. Two years ago we built another sugar house which is run by Neil and his wife, Tonya. We hire no employees; all work is done by family members. The new state-of-the-art building was constructed at the base of our hill to eliminate hauling the sap to the facility.

Now 6000 taps come right to the sugar house. This greatly increases efficiency and in turn, helps us process the sap quicker(unprocessed sap spoils rather quickly-kind of like milk left out of the refrigerator) which produces an end-product that is higher quality.

Over time, technology has evolved greatly in this business, but the “old fashioned” process and technique of boiling down maple sap into syrup has remained the same here at Ripple Road Maple Products!